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Gold for XP rules: You can do one of four things, carouse, train, research and sacrifice.

Carouse: To throw a massive party, a DC of 10 gives experience and on a 15 or higher connections, tips and rumours.
Carousing table (minimum 100gp)

1gp/100 days0d10 (1-4 fine d10x10gp, 5-8 enemy, 9-0 damage/jail)
2-10gp/100 days0
10-14gp/100 daysgp/10
15-21gp/100 daysgp/10d10 (1-4 = connection, 5-7 tips, 8-0 rumor)

Train: To seek a master and practice diligently. A DC of 10 gives experience and on a 15 or higher a ‘special deed +1’, followers, favored opponent, weapon specialization +1 dmg.
Training table (minimum 100gp)

1gp/10 days0Alienate the trainer, dismissed from class
2-10gp/10 days0Just didn’t get it
10-14gp/5 daysgp/10
15-21gp/5 daysgp/10d10 (1-4 deed +1, 5-6 follower, 7-8 favored opponent, 8-0 weapon specialization +1 dmg)

Research: To seek a library or ancient repository of knowledge or a sage. A DC of 10 gives experience and on a 15 or higher insight into a riddle or puzzle or knowledge of a particular magic item or spell.
Research table (minimum 100gp)

1gp/5 days0d10 (1-4 curse 2d3 luck, 5-8 corruption, 9-0 damage to an ability)
2-10gp/5 days0
10-14gp/5 daysgp/20
15-21gp/5 daysgp/10Fully researched spell or abilities of an item. +1 to a particular spell (to cast). Most of a riddle/puzzle solved.

Sacrifice: To help the needy and/or give to a temple, atone for sins or seek the advice or counsel of a deity, receive a quest. A DC of 10 gives experience, on a 15 or higher gains a bonus to a particular spell (or granted power), receive a blessing upon an item, or a favor from the church or even the deity.
Sacrifice table (minimum 100gp)

1gp/10 days0d10 (1-4 curse 2d3 luck, 5-8 disapproval range starts at 1d4 each day for a month, 9-0 Must atone and spend time and effort on a church errand)
2-10gp/10 days0
10-14gp/10 daysgp/10
15-21gp/10 daysgp/10d10 (1-4 blessing on an item, 5-7 +1 on a granted power, 8-0 +1 on a particular spell (to cast))

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