Classic DCC

Goldenshaw (1/9/2013)

A rich and sonorous rooster crow awakens the crew. The smell of eggs and bacon is overwhelming and the sizzling of the cooking is music to your ears. You find [Mother’s name] busy at work. She is ordering Ada to set the table and Arik to fetch some fresh goat’s milk for the breakfast. [Mother’s name] shares with the group her gratitude and attempts to give them a couple of chickens and a quilt as a reward for their efforts. She confides that since her husband died it’s all she can do to fend for herself and keep the farmstead. She knows little about Goldenshaw and generally keeps out of the town. She knows of a good Inn where one of her cousin “Leanaya” works “The Winders Way”, mention her name and they may get a rate reduction.
[Mother’s name] knows little about the surrounding area except that she knows there’s a port city to the south called New Pippenmount. She has never seen and only slightly heard about the King of Adwellia but knows there are soldiers who are stationed in Goldenshaw. She lives on the land of Lord Jex, who has a manor to the west and contributes a portion of her produce in exchange for the use and protection, she warns the group to not ‘stand out’ so much so as to not draw out the Lord’s militia.

As the group approaches Goldenshaw

…Faint scents of moist earth and horse manure harken your arrival to Goldenshaw. Cresting a low hill the trail winds it’s way through shallow streams towards the town. It is encircled by a 15ft tall palisade and has an obvious large open entrance. There is an armored foot soldier near the entrance, he wears a gleaming white tunic with cerulean markings, one in shape of a diamond. When you approach he explains this is the King’s land and that “Men at arms” are to register officially, which can allow for paid services as the King tames the surrounding lands. Everyone signed in with their ‘real’ names. The guard’s name is Fronan. Above on the palisade, armed with a cross-bow is “Drit” another guard.

Once in town the group proceeds to the temple of Gorhan and meet Calindonadrius. They ask him to please prepare everything they can for their upcoming mission for Gorhan and the Golden Disks.

Later on at the tavern, the group finds out that New Pippenmont, a town on the coast a day or so to the south has seen many more soldiers and that there is talk of a fleet arriving any day now. They both come from a land several weeks to the south overseas called Adweilla. They get the sense that the King of this land is not hostile and in fact there is a sense of understanding and collaboration in this ‘frontier’ land.


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