Classic DCC

Travel to Goldenshaw (1/2/2013)

The group hurried through the thicket and brush until they uncovered a small stone pyramid with a square top. The symbols of a compass, hammer and chisel arranged in a triangle. They quickly deployed a couple of ropes and Balan followed by Glover dropped down the 65ft+ shaft until they dropped into the main tunnel. They were about to proceed down the tunnel when a great heavy gray mossy carpet landed on top of Balan plunging the hallway into muffled darkness. More help came later and ultimately the creature was incinerated. Balan wiped the acid from his skin with oil but it burned just enough to bring him down. He required a dose of the healing salve to make it back to life (barely.) They quickly found Ada who was hiding in a metal car a few feet down the tunnel. She’s scuffed up but otherwise unharmed thanks to the soft ground directly below the tunnel opening. The group noticed the uncanny workmanship of the surrounding stone tunnel and parallel tracks but decided that they should return the child to its mother and rest up for the night and perhaps come back later.


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