Classic DCC

Upanesh Tunnels (1/23/2013)

Out again...

The group was mesmerized by the priestess and lovingly took her medallion (Cersie) and metal-bound book of accounts (Romak) from it. McGuinness would not depart without her entire body as well. So the dead and beautifully preserved priestess displaced the body of the ancient dwarven miner in the mine-cart.

Before leaving they realized that only a small area further down the tunnel needed to be explored. An area of rising debris with what appeared to be a crater below and above a certain area. The group searched around and found coins and even an old ear to which they found a gem-bearing earring attached. They knew they were onto something and began to dig with more fervor…

Then as they reached what appeared to be the handle of a weapon… a new group of shadowy spirit shapes coalesced and begun a new attack. After a pitched battle a fortunate “turn un-holy” (the beginning of a wonderful relationship between halfling luck and clerics of Gorhan) was able to repel the shapes for long enough so that the weapon could be retrieved.

Balan held the beautiful warhammer first and witnessed a vision:

A barrel-chested dwarf stands in a tunnel identical to the one you are in now, except that there is no wall of rubble. His chainmail, warhammer, and long, braided beard are coated with blood and other foul substances. Pale light emanates from his warhammer as he swings it in mighty arcs, felling one man, then another, and finally a wavering creature of wispy fog. Now his enemies surround him, pressing close, and you sense that his end is near.

The dwarf’s foes are a shadowy mass ready to overwhelm him. Then he raises the warhammer above his head and his enemies shrink back, granting him a little space. He shouts in a booming voice that echoes from the tunnel walls, “As I shall never leave this place, neither shall you! You will rot in here forever! Upan, aid your servant!” Jagged lightning arcs from the hammer to the ceiling, shattering the rock and burying the combatants.

Balan stowed the warhammer and the party, tired and spent rode the mine cart back to the original entrance.

On their way up the ropes they met Rannok the leader and Oberon the thief (along with 4 other militiamen from Jex’s manor.) After some tense negotiations, Fronan from Goldenshaw spoke on behalf of the group (as registered men-at-arms) and negotiated a safe passage back to Goldenshaw.

On the way the group promised to help Fronan by investigating tales of a cursed village a day’s travel from Goldenshaw.

That evening Glover spoke with Ada’s mother and offered her a safe-haven in the mountains if she wanted to leave Jex’s lands. She said she would await Glover’s return before she made a decision.

Then the group went to Goldenshaw to gather up the provisions promised by Calindonadrius.


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