Male human thief, played by RC


2nd level thief

S: 12
Ag: 13 +1
Stam: 13 +1
Pers: 12
Int: 03 -3
Luck: 15 +1

Ref: +2
Fort: +2
Will: 0

AC: 14 (leather + buckler = Ag.)
HP: 16

Favorite melee: magic mace +3 to hit, +1 damage (attack bonus,+1 weapon,‘pack hunter’)

Favorite missile: short bow +2 to hit, +0 damage (attack bonus plus Ag.)
Favorite skills: Hide, Climb, and Disable Trap, all at +6.


Started at 0-level as a 3 INT ‘shaman’ who was basically given up as a worthless fool. Fryx found him and made him into his packbearer until Cobart somehow acquired a few skills of his own.


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