Male elf, played by RC


2nd level Elf

AC: 15 (Mithril chain shirt, mithril buckler, Agility)
HP: 10

Alignment: Neutral

AG: 13
STA: 9
PER: 16
INT: 8

REF: 2
FRT: 1
WIL: 3

  • Fryx moves 40’ due to being a ‘Wild Child’ with a 17 Luck.
  • Elf Abilities: 60’ infravision, immune to sleep & paralysis, + 4 to detect secret doors, automatic check to detect secret doors when within 10 feet)
    Favorite Melee: Mithril Longsword (+ 1, 0; 1d8 dam.)
    Favorite Missile: Hand Crossbow w 10 bolts drow sleep poison (+2 to hit)

Patron Bond, +3
Invoke Patron (Grom the Elder Earth Elemental – x2/day), +2
Invoke Patron (King of Elfland – 1/wk.), +1
Comprehend Languages, +1
Reduce/Enlarge, +1
Force Manipulation, +1


Fryx is an elf falconer who joined the party at 0-level along with his servant Balan and a fool he found, Cobart. As Balan is now free of him, and Cobart has proven himself useful now that he has stopped thinking of himself as a shaman, Fryx now tries to help the party the best he can to explore mystical areas and uncover powerful magic.


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